Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Various Returns to be Submitted by NBFC TO RBI - COMPLIANCES BY NBFC


NBFCs are required to submit various returns to RBI w.r.t their deposit acceptance, prudential norms compliance, ALM etc. Detailed instructions regarding submission of returns by NBFCs have been issued through various company circulars. A list of such returns to be submitted by NBFCs-D, NBFCs-ND-SI and others is as under:
A. Returns to be submitted by deposit taking NBFCs
  1. NBS-1 Quarterly1 Returns on deposits in First Schedule.2
  1. NBS-2 Quarterly3 return on Prudential Norms is required to be submitted by NBFC accepting public deposits.4
  1. NBS-3 Quarterly return on Liquid Assets  by deposit taking NBFC.5
  1. NBS-4 Annual return of critical parameters by a rejected company holding public deposits
  1. NBS-5 stands withdrawn as submission of NBS 1 has been made quarterly6.
  1. NBS-6 Monthly return on exposure to capital market by deposit taking NBFC with total assets of Rs 100 crore and above .7
  1. Half-yearly ALM return by NBFC holding public deposits of more than  Rs.20 crore or asset size of more than Rs. 100 crore.8
  1. Audited Balance sheet and Auditor’s Report by NBFC accepting public deposits.9
B. Returns to be submitted by NBFCs-ND-SI
  1. NBS-7 A Quarterly10 statement of capital funds, risk weighted assets, risk asset ratio etc., for NBFC-ND-SI11
  1. Monthly Return on Important Financial Parameters of NBFCs-ND-SI12
  1. ALM returns:
  1. (i) Statement of short term dynamic liquidity in format ALM [NBS-ALM1] -Monthly,
  1. (ii) Statement of structural liquidity in format ALM [NBS-ALM2] Half Yearly
  1. (iii) Statement of Interest Rate Sensitivity in format ALM -[NBS-ALM3], Half yearly.13
C. Quarterly return on important financial parameters of non deposit taking NBFCs having assets of more than Rs.50 crore and above but less than Rs 100 crore
Basic information like name of the company, address, NOF, profit / loss during the last three years has to be submitted quarterly by non-deposit taking NBFCs with asset size between Rs 50 crore and Rs 100 crore.14D. Other Returns
1. As at the end of March every year, all NBFCs are required to submit an annual certificate duly certified by the Statutory Auditors that the company is engaged in the business of NBFI requiring it to hold the CoR. The certificate shall also indicate the asset / income pattern of the NBFC for making it eligible for classification as AFC, Investment Company, or Loan Company.152. An NBFC with FDI has to submit a half yearly ( half year ending March and September) certificate to the effect that it has complied with the minimum capitalisation norms and that its activities are restricted to the activities prescribed under FEMA.163. 17With regard to overseas investment a Quarterly Return is to be submitted by all NBFCs to the Regional Office of DNBS and also Department of Statistics and Information Management (DSIM)

Ref:DNBS.PD.CC.No.335/03.10.042/2013-14 1st July 2013

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