Monday, February 22, 2016

The Detailed Procedure for online submission of FCGPR

The Detailed Procedure for online submission of FCGPR
Contributed by CS Shilpi Varshney

For registering -

For FC-GPR - You have to click at

Reporting of Advance Foreign Remittance to RBI-

1- Fill in the basic details on ebiz portal including mail id and phone no. Once all details are updated and confirmed, you will get a mail for activation of the account on your registered mail id. Click activate and your account will be Active on ebiz portal. 
2- Login through account and now register the organisation by giving basic details. Snapshots enclosed. 
3- Select "Reporting of FCGPR on home page on ebiz. 
4-Download empty form and fill in the details. Attach CS Certificate, Valuation report, FIRC and BR for allot. 
5- Attach DSC to the form and save the form in the name- xyz-_IFSC Code of the AD bank. 
Note- You don’t need to register DSC on ebiz portal as we do on MCA. Here signed form is enough. 
6-Login again. 
7- Click on Submit forms. 
8-Select Region - CENTRAL

             Service Name- Submission of FC GPR Central
             Organisation Name - The name of your company which you registered in Step 2 will come in drop down. 
9- Select the form and click submit. 
10- Your form will be submitted and you will be allotted an application number, using which you can check the status of your submitted form. 

If you file FC-GPR through online beyond 30 days of the allotment of shares to FDI investor , RBI online form will come with the message “ form being filed beyond 30 days and will not allow you to proceed further. You have to attach an attachment stating the reason for late filing.


  1. Many thanks for this detailed post. Have a couple of queries
    1. Can an individual user register more than one organisation? If yes, is there a limit to the number of organisations an individual user can register?
    2. How do we choose the AD Bank to whose inbox the ARF, FCGPR and FCTRS forms get routed? Is it by simply adding the IFSC Code of the bank to the file name?

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