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What is ITES : “Information Technology Enabled Service?

What is ITES : “Information Technology Enabled Service?

ITES Registration is mandatory to the business when they enter into IT business, IT enabled services, E commerce business, BPO, etc.

Steps to obtain ITES Registration:

1)      Obtain Udyog Aadhar no of the business. It is same like Aadhar no of individual (link:

2)      Make the application to Industrial Development Corporation

3)      Govt Department will issue Letter of Intent (“LOI”) / Registration Certificate

Documents to be submitted to obtain ITES:

1)      Application Form
2)      Memorandum, Article and COI of the Company
3)      Board resolution authorising Director to apply for ITES
4)      KYC documents of all Directors
5)      KYC documents of authorised signatory
6)      Undertaking that Management will undertake only IT based businesses
7)      Authority Letter to the owner of the premises to apply for any approval, clearance, etc in favour of business
8)      Udyog Aadhar No
9)      Project report of the business
10)   Building completion certificate
11)   Agreement between company and IT Park
12)   Premise proof

Why ITES Policy and ITES Registration is mandatory ?

1)      State Government wants to develop the IT park in their state which will attract large investor to invest in IT business.

2)      Creating more employment opportunity to young guns

3)      Investment flow to industrially underdeveloped region of the state

4)      To use IT as a tool for economic and socio – culture development of the country

IT Park can sublet the premises only to IT business:

1)      It is mandatory for the IT Park to obtain ITES certificate

2)      IT Park are not allowed to sublet the premises to the non IT business for setting up their offices.

3)      IT Park have to apply to Industrial Development Corporation that they are subletting the premise(s) to the IT based business, whenever new business wants to occupy the space for setting up their office.

4)      IT Park have to adhere with the terms and condition of the Certificate, failure of which can attract the penalty, even cancellation of their Registration.

Benefits to the IT Park:

1)      Exemption from the payment of Electricity Duty

2)      Property tax are levied at the rate as applicable to the residential premises

3)      Exemption from the Entry Tax / Octori duty from the import of goods for the self-consumption

Validity of the ITES Registration:

1)      For IT Park: It is one time license, till the time it is not surrender / cancelled by the Department

2)      For Company: Till the duration of the period of Leave and License Agreement.

Courtesy : Mr Ashish Baid 

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